Hey! First post, woohoo!! Slowly but surely I'm finishing this project, almost there! I really hope y'all like it. I'd like to thank all the great websites and books I used for providing me with the information to put this together, you're the greatest! Well, I should probably finish with the main website :/
Half Man Half Biscuit
1/10/2013 04:45:23 pm

This website helped me learn about Athens and stuff. I also made a song about necrophilia called "Excavating Rita." Check me out on that Google Images.

Bob Marley
1/10/2013 04:48:43 pm

Why would you mention necrophilia on an ancient Greek website?! That is completely uncalled for, man. I found the articles very interesting and the maps very useful.

Cats Rule
1/10/2013 08:26:59 pm

The Necrophilia ought to be obvious...I mean, aren't most ancient Greeks already dead?

And, uh, I heard Helen of Troy was quite the looker...

1/5/2015 12:13:18 pm

I love this website

8/24/2015 08:32:22 pm

Thanks 4 this great website really well made and great info
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Philo Buster
12/25/2015 08:34:18 am

Just a small correction: Socrates was not hung. Soon after being inappropriately convicted of not believing in the gods and of corrupting the youth of Athens, he was made to drink poison hemlock and died slowly with his young followers around him.

Muffin Bubbles
1/20/2017 07:21:26 am

wow the challenge was easy but cool this website is really awesome

5/16/2017 10:12:21 am

Great job! Thanks for spreading the knowledge!

8/7/2017 04:18:11 am

Thanks it really helps a lot

A student
11/3/2017 09:28:13 am

This is stupid, no information on social classes. You probably don’t know anything about the classes. Give more information.

11/3/2017 10:12:15 am

Thanks for all the info you provided. 👍🏼

6/3/2019 03:19:45 am

I was wondering what the authors full name is, as i need it for my bibliography. I need a reply pretty soon, that would be great! Thanks in advance.


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